Greene King IPA promotes its brewing heritage through King Snare collaboration

Greene King has collaborated with improvisational percussionist Steve Noble, AKA King Snare, to dramatise and promote the IPA brand.

In a two-minute film, created by Grey London, Noble performs an unrehearsed freestyle drum solo which was filmed in a single take, without any sheet music, by up and coming British director George Belfield.

Of the collaboration, Nils Leonard, chairman and chief creative officer at Grey London, explained: “When you see, hear or taste something really special, you can sense the pain, hardship and toil that have helped create that perfect moment.”

Noble added: “There comes a point when you don’t so much play the drums, you feel them. Like any craft that has been perfected over a long time, it’s instinctive, simple and totally unique. It’s not something you can easily teach or replicate.”

Greene King has been brewing since 1799.