By John McCarthy | Media editor

October 22, 2014 | 3 min read

The British Red Cross has said it will not accept any proceeds from the no-longer-for-sale music single, the Ukip Calypso, which was written by former Radio 1 DJ Mike Read.

The single was taken down at Read’s behest after many complained that the lyrics contained racist themes; this rhyme in particular came under fire: “Leaders committed a cardinal sin, open the borders let them all come in, illegal immigrants in every town, stand up and be counted Blair and Brown.”

Read said he was sorry for “unintentionally causing offence” with the single which reached number two in the UK charts before it was removed from sale.

A Ukip spokesman said "synthetic outrage" produced by "right-on" social media users and the media caused the removal of the track, claiming that less money would go to causes such as the British Red Cross from its sale.

However, Red Cross tweeted a statement claiming that had no deal in place to accept any income from the song, adding that it would not accept the money as the charity is in full support of the immigrants and asylum seekers that the song would see denied entry into the country.

Earlier this week Read defended the song, claiming the Jamaican calypso was a political satire.

Of course, the Ukip Calypso is arguably not the worst song to climb the charts this week with an eight-second single of white noise, accidentally released by Taylor Swift, hitting number one in Canada.

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