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Sainsbury's launches 'Spooky Speaker' app to help children truly become their chosen Halloween character

Sainsbury’s has brought its spooky costumes to life with the launch of a Halloween-themed app.

Using voice distortion technology the ‘Spooky Speaker’ app transforms speech to help children become their Halloween characters.

Created by AnalogFolk, the app has six voices – Witch, Frankenstein, Pirate, Vampire, Skeleton and Zombie – which match costumes available to buy from Sainsbury’s.

To use the app users must record phrases which will then be played back in the character's voice. An animated mouth which appears on screen helps to bring the characters to life further.

Meera Folkes, digital marketing manager at Sainsbury’s said the app helped “turn Halloween celebrations up a notch” and bringing costumes to life in such a way was a “fantastic example” of the brand’s ‘Live Well For Less’ ethos.

In addition to the app AnalogFolk has created related marketing activity spanning in-store, mobile, online, social media and print.

Point-of-sale and in-store activities, including PA systems, will feature chosen spooky voices from the app which is available to UK users of Android and iOS devices.

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