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The Avengers Assemble to escort Disney Infinity 2.0 down the River Thames in outdoor projection scheme

How the Hulk and other heroes will look on the evening

To celebrate the launch of Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes, Disney projected Marvel’s finest heroes along the Thames to provide the game with a superhero-laden escort all the way to the Hamleys toy store.

As part of the launch campaign on Sunday, Disney beamed a 35ft Hulk under London’s Tower Bridge via projectors, giving a 30-meter-long barge carrying the game safe passage down the river.

Additionally, Iron Man, Captain America and Thor were also displayed throughout the route during the outdoors project.

The title was escorted to the Game store in Hamleys on London’s Regent street, ahead of the release on Friday (19 September).

Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes will allow players to experience the company's extensive back catalog of franchises, which features over 8,000 characters designed during the last seventy years.

Boel Ferguson, general manager of Disney Interactive EMEA and UK, said: “This hotly anticipated next chapter in the Disney Infinity series truly takes this gaming experience to the next level.

“With its incredible line-up of characters, it introduces brand new exciting adventures and ways for fans to engage with their favourite Marvel Super Heroes.”

Ferguson added: “What better way to celebrate its launch in the UK than to have the Hulk and fellow stars of the videogame escort the delivery themselves."

Disney Infinity has sold over three million copies worldwide, generating more than $500 million in revenue, since it launched in 2013. It will be released on multiple gaming platforms in the UK this week.

In other news, Disney earlier this month issued legal documents designed to block musician DeadMau5 from registering his mouse-head logo - which bares a passing resemblance to Disney’s most recognisable asset, Mickey Mouse.

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