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British-based websites to be banned from hosting extreme violent or sexual content under new legislation

British-based websites will no longer be able to host films that glamourise sexual violence and abuse as the government brings them in line with the same standards it imposes on cinemas and shops selling DVDs.

The BBFC banned The Human Centipede 2 due to highly explicit sexual violence

Material refused an age rating by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) will be banned under new legislation due this autumn fulfilling a pledge - 'what you can't get in a shop, you shouldn't be able to get online' - made by David Cameron over a year ago.

The legislation already covers coercive and violent sex from cinemas and DVDs, censoring 'extreme' material and in terms of online services it will extend further to include films for young children and teenagers.

Speaking to the Sunday Times, regulator for video services online, Atvod, chief executive Peter Johnson said there would be "significant fines" for websites breaching the new rules that will be imposed by Ofcom. Adding that if necessary services would be removed.

Currently films with scenes removed by the BBFC for consumption in cinemas or on DVD can be shown online in their original form without penalty.

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