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Malaysia Airlines hastily removes bad taste things to do before you die 'bucket list' competition from website

The troubled airline will consider rebranding after the disasters

After a rough few months for Malaysia Airlines during which 537 people died in two tragic disasters, the troubled firm launched - and subsequently scrapped - a bucket list competition asking entrants where they want to visit before they die.

It quickly came to the attention of social media users and the press that the scheme called “My Ultimate Bucket List” was inappropriate as over half a thousand of the airline's customers have died in the last six months.

The bucket list challenge welcomed entrants from Australia and New Zealand to submit an essay of under 500 words in answer to the question: “What and where would you like to tick off on your bucket list, and explain why?”

The firm’s attempt at producing some much-needed positive publicity backfired after it failed to pick up on the awkward connotations of the ‘bucket list’ - i.e. things to do before you die.

The airline which may under-go a proposed state overhaul later this year to distance itself from the disasters, offered winners prizes including iPads and free air tickets.

The promotion was removed from the website on Tuesday after it was heavily criticised by the press, a common occurrence for the firm after the after MH370 and MH17 tragedies.

Malaysia Airlines has yet to respond to a request for comment by The Drum on the matter.

The firm announced last month that it will look into potential ways to rebrand in order to distance itself from the fatalities of its passengers.

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