Lord Alan Sugar donates £7,500 Sunday Times libel payout to Refuge charity

Entrepreneur Sir Alan Sugar has donated a £7,500 damages payout from the Sunday Times to Refuge, after the newspaper implied that the Apprentice star treats women badly.

In a tweet, Sugar said: “Sunday times have coughed up £7.5k.Which I'll donate to Refuge bearing in mind the thrust of the offending article”.

This came after the Sunday Times posted an apology in the newspaper, correcting the offending sentiment “even Lord Sugar doesn’t treat women as badly as this”.

The correction reads: “In the article 'It's all bowing, scraping and undies plots - the glitzy life of a jihadist Wag' (News, last week) we referred to Lord Sugar in an article about Amal El-Wahabi, who was convicted for asking a friend to smuggle money to Syria at the demand of her husband, a fighter there.

"By stating that 'even Lord Sugar doesn't treat women as badly as this', we did not intend to suggest that he does treat women badly or in a comparable way. We apologise to him for any distress caused.”

This comes after Lord Sugar last year called for the resignation of Daily Mail editor, Paul Dacre and plead for advertisers to quit the "nasty" paper, in response to its treatment of Labour leader Ed Miliband.

The payout went to charity 'Refuge', which was founded in 1971 and is the UK’s largest anti-domestic abuse campaigner, supporting 3,000 women and children daily.