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Twitter aims to help marketers create real-time content around ‘everyday moments’ with visualisation tool

Twitter has created a new tool to help marketers harness “everyday moments” and aid an always-on approach to the platform.

Revealing the tool, which is set to be released widely next week, Twitter’s head of research EMEA Matt Taylor, praised the likes of Adidas for building on the real-time opportunities around the World Cup.

However, he cited Nielsen and said that 55 per cent of UK users tweet about what they are doing at any one moment – waiting for a train or going for a run for example. Taylor said these were predicable points in the day that brands should be harnessing as they are just as important as national or global events.

The online tool - called 'Everyday Moments' - will aim to help marketers do this and tap into the rhythm of conversations.

Alongside a map of the UK, there will be a list of 30 or so terms, emotions, activities, and TV programmes such as happy, sad, dog, cat, yoga, pub, EastEnders or Coronation Street.

Each term has a colour and when selected will appear on the map as a series of large or small spots, indicating where there is a cluster of conversation around that term. Marketers can then track mentions of it in real-time and analyse when and where it was used most during a day/week. They will also be able to compare terms – for example how many people were talking about the pub at 5pm on a Friday versus going to the gym.

The tool will only be available to UK marketers for the immediate future, although there are plans for a wider roll-out. It will also be constantly evaluated and changed to expand the list of terms and at some stage allow marketers to create lists personal to a brand.

Highlighting the benefits of an ‘always-on’ approach, Taylor said a brand can expect 2.4 times more retweets and 2.1 times more mentions and 2.5 times greater share of voice.

Twitter executives are planning to visit agency partners in the coming weeks for feedback on the tool.

Speaking to The Drum Pippa Glucklich, co-CEO, Starcom Mediavest Group, said that the tool represented "a fantastic opportunity for brands and agencies to easily identify the potential around every day conversations"

She explained: "It’s amazing to think that we used to joke about Twitter as the place where you posted banal updates such has 'Hey guys – just going to get a burger!' Now, we’re talking about these everyday moments as a perfect way to tell a brand story – and this tool is a simple and quick way to identify them.

"That previous burger tweet could be turned into an opportunity for Burger King to flog a Whopper to that user with a targeted promoted tweet. If they continued the conversation after eating the Whopper with a tweet about how great it was, Burger King could target that user to encourage them to follow its account to hear about great future offers."

Glucklich added that the main strength of 'Everyday Moments' is the opportunities is presents to brands.

"A tweet about a dull train commute could be an opportunity to promote an e-book to fill the time, a weekend getaway to France or an alternate mode of transport like a bicycle or car," she said.

"We talk in great length about big data and how it can be used for planning and storytelling. Tools such as these are the perfect example of this in action – a simple to use system that can identify real time audience behavioural insights that can be turned into effective activation ideas.”

Earlier today, Sony's head of social media Tim Lion told The Drum that planning is needed for ‘off the cuff’ advertising on social.

"We try to plan our narrative arcs and stories and leave space for real time content. We try to anticipate the triggers and outcomes and prepare templates or frameworks so we can be prepared to be reactive," he said. "Having an 'Oreo Moment' takes a heck of lot of planning and flexibility.”