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41% of train users have not read the Metro in past 12 months, suggests KBH Rail Users study


By Jennifer Faull | Deputy Editor

June 24, 2014 | 2 min read

KBH has said that print and TV are becoming less effective ways of reaching rail users, with over 40 per cent stating that they have not read the Metro or the Evening Standard in the past 12 months.

Looking at TV, KBH found the average train journey was 50 minutes and so the majority (54 per cent) said they believe themselves to be only “light TV viewers.”

The findings come as the media company conducted research into its 6.3 million monthly rail passengers, surveying a cross section of over 2,000 people. It found that 92 per cent of travellers now use a smartphone while on the train resulting in a leap in the number of travellers buying products or services via a connected device during their journey.

Forty per cent stated that they have done so compared to just 10 per cent in 2013.

KBH On-Train Media also broke down its audience, identifying four key types of traveller: The Affluent Professional, The Intellectual Urbanite, The Modern Family and The Influential Youth.

The largest proportion of the KBH audience is The Intellectual Urbanite, accounting for 28 per cent of all travellers. Described as well-educated and career-focused demographic, around 30 per cent of this demographic watch video-on-demand on mobile devices and computers during their journey.

Meanwhile, The Modern Family is KBH’s second largest demographic, accounting for 20 per cent of rail users. This group, KBH found, “make smart spending choices” with 53 per cent using price comparison sites.

Influential Youths made up 18.5 per cent of the audience and over half of this group agree they cannot be without mobile communications – 25 per cent more likely than the average.

Finally, the Affluent Professional accounts for 15 per cent of the audience with 63 per cent agreeing that they treat themselves to things they don’t need.

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