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70% believe native ads show a brand as innovative, while 55% of public find native ad format ‘fun’

Three quarters (74 per cent) of respondents who recalled a native ad placement associated it with its parent brand, versus 59 per cent for pre-roll, research from Ebuzzing has found.

It was also found that half (49 per cent) felt they had control over native ads.

Conducted in conjunction with The Guardian and Nielsen, the survey saw 1,600 participants in the UK and the US invited to browse a webpage, without being prompted to engage with the ads, before being asked a series of questions about the brands advertising and the web page they had just experienced.

Of those questioned, 70 per cent of respondents said native placements, which open up in the middle of editorial content, were the most effective at showing a brand as innovative, while 55 per cent described them as ‘fun’.

Jeremy Arditi, UK general manager at Ebuzzing said: “The Nielsen results confirm the developing popularity of native advertising formats online, and we predict it will continue. Native formats are the least disruptive to the user experience and the most engaging in terms of related content and visual design. Embedding appropriate video content within the relevant quality editorial environment creates a format that users are happy to interact with, and more specifically, a format they prefer as they actually choose to engage with the content.”

This comes just a day after IAB research found that 75 per cent of advertisers expect digital video to become as important as TV within the next five years.

Ebuzzing also found that 72 per cent of respondents said ad selector formats bought brands front of mind, and were more effective than pre-roll at driving unaided awareness.

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