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Skippable video ads comprise a third of all ad impressions, Mobile Marketing Association finds

The majority of video ads are less than 15 seconds In length, research from the Mobile Marketing Association has found, with the skippable completion rates ‘dramatically lower’ than non-skippable.

The Mobile Video Benchmark Study of 559m ad impressions discovered that 65 per cent of video ads were linear videos, which saw a 93 per cent completion rate for non-skippable ads, compared to eight per cent completion for skippable.

Almost a fifth (17 per cent) of video ads were interstitial ads, which saw a 92 per cent completion rate when not skippable, and 23 per cent completion when skipping was an option.It was determined that more than half of skippers stick around until 25 per cent of the video has played, while around 30 per cent remain through a video ad’s halfway mark.The Mobile Marketing Association discovered that there were virtually no difference in non-skippable completion rates for ads of different length, but click through rates fell from 1.8 per cent for an ad between 16 and 30 seconds, to 0.8 per cent on a longer ad. The research found that over three quarters of the advertising took place in app, confirming results from an Opera Mediaworks study which discovered that a majority of mobile ad impressions in the UK come from apps, rather than mobile web.