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The Kingsmill Family returns in TV spot promoting new product launch 'Great White'

Kingsmill’s new ‘Great White’ loaf will make its on-screen debut today in a TV campaign starring comedian and ‘Cold Feet’ star John Thomson and the 'Kingsmill Family' who were introduced to viewers at the beginning of this year.

Conceptualised, created and produced in-house at Contagious, the 40-second spot targets the hearts and minds of viewers as Thomson, the father of the Kingsmill family, prepares eggs, soldiers, and a bacon sandwich to console his daughter Tara following a break-up.

In the ad Thomson brings a smile back to Tara’s face by telling her she needs someone who’s ‘Made of better stuff – someone who’s good for you. Someone who looks great on the outside with more going on on the inside. Someone with a softer heart and better taste’.

Kingsmill senior brand manager, Lydia Freeman, said of the advert: “Contagious London has done a stellar job with this heartwarming ad, which brilliantly highlights the emotional nourishment Kingmsill brings to modern family life.”

Paul Weiland, founder and executive creative director at Contagious London, added: “The reason our Kingsmill family is such a great campaign vehicle is that it gives us the opportunity to explore many different stories of modern family life, with Kingsmill at their heart. This ad takes a slightly more emotional narrative with Tara's break up, as Dad tries to comfort her with some wise words and a novel presentation of boiled egg & soldiers. It's another chapter that I'm sure will resonate with the audience.”

The advert forms part of a £6.7m investment from Kingsmill to raise awareness of ‘Great White’ which was launched following research showing seven out of ten men, nine out of ten women and eight out of ten children in the UK aren’t eating enough fibre.

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