Bird is the word: Flappy Bird could be set to return, creator reveals, adding it will be ‘better’

Just over a month after Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen took down his addictive game, saying that he ‘couldn’t take it anymore’, he has admitted that it could be set to return.Although Nguyen said it will not be soon, he revealed “It will not be the original game but a better one. I keep my word.”

When it was taken down last month, Nguyen insisted that the decision to remove the game was not related to legal issues, and added that he would not sell the game. Following the removal of the game, a rash of people offered to sale phones with the game already downloaded on them on eBay. However, due to eBay making sure that phones are returned to factory settings before being sold on, one entrepreneurial man rented out his phone to Flappy Bird enthusiasts for $1 per minute.