Brits believe finding answers quickly is the best thing about the internet and Facebook is our 'Desert Island Click' according to Nominet survey

Almost half (46 per cent) of Brits say the best thing the internet has given us is the ability to quickly find answers to our questions, according to a poll by Nominet commissioned to mark the web's 25th anniversary earlier this week.

Other popular benefits of the world wide web included the ability to find old friends (25 per cent) and research things which are causing worry (24 per cent). More than a quarter (28 per cent) of 18-24s said using the web to help them find a job was the best thing about it, over double the national average 11 per cent who cited the same thing.

When asked about their 'Desert Island Clicks' - a site they would keep over all others - Facebook came out on top, chosen by 32 per cent of women. Though the BBC website was the number one site chosen by men alone (26 per cent).

The overall top five saw Facebook in poll position (24 per cent), followed by BBC and Amazon in second and third place (20 per cent and nine per cent respectively), Gmail and Yahoo rounded out the top five with five per cent each.

In addition to the survey Nominet has also invited web users to add their own milestones and predictions to its 'Story of the Web' parallax scrolling website. An accompanying report, authored by technology journalist Jack Schofield, includes expert commentary on how the web will develop in the future with contributions from CEO of W3C DR Jeff Jaffe, leading analyst Richard Holoway MBE, and Oxford Internet institute research fellow, Dr Bernie Hogan, among others.