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Love spreads the love this February with illustrated t-shirt range and heartwarming daily tweets

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching Love has teamed up with illustrator Dave Anderson to create a series of t-shirts set to warm our hearts this February.

The 28 t-shirts all feature various quirky interpretations of love, with a limited edition t-shirt to be given away every Friday to the seven people who send the best ‘love’ tweets to the Love team. “We’re all familiar with the feelings of failure, profound remorse and galactic loneliness that come with that most cynical of Hallmark Holidays, February 14 -Valentine’s Day. But things are going to be different this year. Because in 2014, every day is going to be February 14. To celebrate this quirk of the calendar, we’ve cosied up with the handsome Dave Anderson of Pocko fame to create 28 interpretations of love – the abstract noun – for each lovely day of February,” explained Love. Each day this month Love will be tweeting an expression of love, with all 28 romantic sentiments featuring on its website. “It’s kind of like an advent calendar, but without the chocolate, and in February, and on Twitter,” Love said. As a taster here’s yesterday’s tweet:

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