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Associated Press and Streamworks International expand live streaming deal

The Associated Press and Streamworks International have renewed their contract to provide live streaming of AP’s award-winning content to AP Video Hub.

AP Video Hub’s live service provides a 24-7 stream of breaking news, as well as access to pre-planned news events, which enables online publishers with limited editorial resources to quickly access and create rich online content.

“Demand for live content from digital platforms has increased rapidly since AP launched the first live coverage service a decade ago in 2003,” said Sue Brooks, director video transformation at AP.

“Online audiences increasingly expect broadcast-quality footage, so it’s essential to guarantee a high superlative experience. Streamworks International’s best-of-breed technology and commitment to broadcasting excellence delivers consistently across platforms and devices, so we are delighted to continue to build on our relationship with them.”

Content which has been available through the AP Video hub include the election of Pope Benedict XV1 and the birth of Prince George.

“As a leading news source trusted to deliver breaking global events to a committed international audience, delivering the AP Direct service into AP Video Hub represents mission critical live broadcasting at its purest,” Streamworks International CEO Ray Mia said.

AP Video Hub is available through customisable desktop, online and mobile interfaces.