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Derren Brown denies involvement in Damien Hirst art theft following tweet gaffe

Television illusionist Derren Brown has been forced to deny masterminding the theft of £33k worth of Damien Hirst paintings from a London gallery after tweeting ‘Damien Hirst? @Derren-Brown? No comment. #GreatArtRobbery, Friday, 9pm.’The ill-advised tweet immediately put Brown in the frame for the theft, seen as some form of publicity stunt ahead of the broadcast of his new show – which sees him train a group of pensioners to nick a valuable painting by the Chapman brothers under the gaze of Channel 4’s cameras.In a statement C4 said of the incident: “Just to clarify, this wasn’t a PR stunt and of course we would encourage any witnesses to speak to the police.”Two works, Pyronin Y and Oleoylsarcosine, sporting arrays of multi-coloured dots were nabbed from the Exhibitionist gallery, Notting Hill, following a break-in.