Yorkshire feature: What areas do local agencies think we're likely to see growth in over the next 12 months?

As part of The Drum’s series of UK regional reviews, we caught up with those working across Yorkshire’s creative marketing industries- Extreme Creations, INK Digital, Hatch Communications, DMSQD, Coolpink, Sun Branding Solutions, Epiphany, Rare and Intermarketing – in order to find what areas Yorkshire-based areas have earmarked for growth in the coming year.

Are there any areas where we are likely to see growth in the region over the next 12 months? Antony Prince, MD, Extreme Creations: I think mobile, cloud technology and further developments in personalisation of ads will continue to grow. The Tour de France is already having a fantastic impact in terms of Extreme Creations’ social campaign production, for a wide range of businesses. We saw in the news recently that broadband providers have been working to provide faster connectivity to certain rural areas, which will naturally increase the capacity to work digitally.Dawn Davis, head of digital strategy, INK Digital: Growth within digital has increased with companies who have a strong creative background and put great creative at the heart of their digital services. We also see an increase in driving ROI for clients along with e-commerce.Jason Madeley, owner, Hatch Communications: I think there is potential for growth across a number of sectors, digital probably being the biggest. Increasingly marketeers are recognising the vital content role PR plays and its influence on the digital conversation.Mark Asquith, director, DMSQD: We’ve seen a big boom in people embracing what the digital sector can do for them; really pushing the boundaries of how an organisation utilises digital technologies. This spans development of tools to help the business become more efficient, right through to the increased use of social media at SME level as a method of customer support.Martin O’Toole, commercial director, Coolpink: Apart from the on-going digital shuffling, I think it’s likely that those involved in animation, motion graphics, film etc. will find themselves busier, as brands become happier with the necessity for branded content creation as part of a wider, integrated strategy. Paul Bean, MD, Sun Branding Solutions: Digital is an obvious one to tip for growth. The smartphone has been game-changer in how we live our lives, not least with online shopping, mobile marketing, QR codes, augmented reality, and such. The ripple effects have been, and will continue to be, enormous and transcend any regional concerns. Again, we see it as an opportunity – the future of packaging has never been so exciting.Rob Shaw, CEO, Epiphany: Interestingly the Leeds digital scene is made up of far more independent agencies than other digital hubs like Manchester or London. We’re already seeing more boutique agencies and independent start-ups growing successfully in the city, supported by the universities in some cases but also in the fact that many creatives in many northern cities are getting together and developing creative hubs like Duke Studios in Leeds.Steve Bellingham, managing director, Rare Creative Group: Digital will continue to grow fastest of all. I think the real point here is that you cannot really separate these activities. Few campaigns will not combine elements of offline and online activity and campaign work requirements are increasing as we emerge from recession and businesses seek to boost their awareness and engagement through lead generation campaigns, support the launch and roll-out of new products, or remind their audiences about their existing ranges. Steve Sowden, managing partner, Intermarketing: PR and digital seem to the strongest disciplines and probably come from the lowest base meaning growth could be seen as easier. We're lucky enough to have some fantastic start-ups and small businesses making this happen, with real industry leaders who’ve got something great to say.This article originally featured in the 22 November issue of The Drum which can be purchased from The Drum Store.The Drum's Yorkshire regional feature is sponsored by Epiphany.