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By Steven Raeburn, N/A

November 22, 2013 | 2 min read

Mother NY and the Fuse network have collaborated to develop a mobile gaming app.

In a statement announcing the launch of the app, Proust, Mother said the app “takes the natural behaviour of ranking and judging into an addictively odd and entertaining game format.”

Mother added: “It allows people to rank and compare everything from the absurd to the everyday, see how their judgements relate to their friends, and then discuss and debate the results.”

Proust was co-developed with David Carson, founder of and FuseTV.

"Proust is an amazing way to find out what your friends really think.” Says Carson.

“We started with the idea that we wanted to create a modern kind of Proust Questionnaire, and ended up creating a really fun and provocative game that's also a powerful communication tool. We see it as a new kind of question and answer format that reveals deep and intimate information between friends very quickly. It's a unique game-like environment for really candid conversation."

Andrew Deitchman, co-founder of Mother New York, "At Mother we're fascinated by lots of things. One of them is how technology helps people entertain and relate to each other in new ways. In it's simplest form, that's what Proust does. We're very proud of it."

The app is intended to harness the broad range of opinions beyond indicating favour via a thumbs up or a thumbs down.

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