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‘Secondary’ TV channels carrying 15 percent of all TV ad campaigns

A double edged sword for networks

Research undertaken by advertising monitoring group, Ebiquity has shown that the six commercial ‘secondary’ TV channels now exclusively account for 15 percent of TV advertising campaigns.

The research found that the channels carried a larger audience share than that by the 'primary channels' - ABC, Ten and SBS.

Richard Basil-Jones, managing director of Ebiquity Australia, explained: "The commercial networks and Pay TV are now attracting a much higher than anticipated share of audience in their channels and advertisers have caught on to the very strong inroads being made by them."

"Our research in 2013 shows that in the Sydney TV market, 15 per cent of commercials are unique to the secondary channels and around 62 per cent of ads are advertised on both primary and secondary channels,” said Ebiquity’s Richard Basil Jones.

"We estimate that the secondary channels are now carrying more than 137,000 individual commercials every week, while 77,000 ads are aired across Australia on the primary FTA channels.

"This is a double edged sword for the networks as they charge lower rates for spots on secondary channels as they can on primary channels, despite the fact the channels are posting strong audiences," he added.

The research said a growing number of major sectors and advertisers are now exclusively using the secondary channels to promote their products and services, with cosmetics, insurance and credit card companies the leaders.

Ebiquity’s research used its database of over 20 million adverts from the last seven decades in order to capture thousands of new adverts each daily from across 14 European countries, including TV, press and online display adverts.

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