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Twitter acquires mobile ad exchange MoPub as it plans to integrate RTB into its ad platform

Twitter has strengthened its advertising offer having announced the acquisition of US-based mobile advertising exchange MoPub, which offers users the ability to optimise multiple advertising sources through a single product.

The mobile exchange technology enables advertisers to direct adverts, house adverts, advertising networks and real-time bidding through its marketplace, said to enable 3 billion advertising auctions each day.

Kevin Weil, vice president of revenue product at Twitter, explained that the company planned to use MoPub's technology to integrated real-time bidding into its ads platform to offer advertisers the ability to automate and scale their buying.

"We’ll maintain the same high quality standards that define our platform today. Our approach is to show an ad when we think it will be useful or interesting to a user, and that isn’t changing," promised Weil.

In a blog, CEO of MoPub, Jim Payne, stated: “We had a firm belief that programmatic buying and a strong commitment to serve the publisher would enable the development of a new ads economy in mobile. Since that time, as our team has grown to nearly one hundred employees worldwide, our platform has grown to serve billions of mobile ads every month around the world on behalf of our publishers.”

He continued to highlight that the company’s commitment to serve the publisher would not change, with Twitter set to invest in the core business and help it continue to build mobile advertising tools.

“In addition to investing in new capabilities for our publisher platform, we believe there are opportunities to bring better native advertising to the mobile ecosystem. With the support of the team and resources of Twitter, we’ll be able to move even more quickly towards the realization of our original vision,” he added.

Established three years ago, MoPub has offices based in San Francisco and New York.

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