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Care for the Wild unveil animated film to help save elephants

Care for the Wild has unveiled a campaign with JWT London to help save elephants that are being hunted for their ivory by poachers.

The Tooth Fairy campaign will aim to persuade children to donate their money from the tooth fairy to Care for the Wild.

Alex Brown and Pete Circuitt fromThe Sweet Shop directed the live and animated elements of the film, respectively.

As well as an animated video, the campaign features a dedicated microsite that creates personalised thank you letters from the Tooth Fairy for children who donate their tooth money and experiential activity in the form of tiny tooth bags magically appearing in selected independent retailers and cinemas across the country.

David Masterman, creative director JWT London, explained: “It’s a sad irony that while elephants are being killed by poachers to make money from their tusks, in Britain we give our children money when their baby teeth fall out. We found that at that young children value animals more than money.”

The campaign features the tagline; ‘little teeth save big tusks’.

Philip Mansbridge, CEO, Care for the Wild International, added: “By concentrating on delivering a thought-provoking online experience, building the campaign around a much loved character and focusing on such a simple act of kindness, hopefully we can not only raise funds, but educate children of the issues at an earlier age, and inspire the next generation of supporters to safeguard our sustained efforts.”

The campaign will keep audience up to date on the latest news from the campaign and the wider poaching issue.

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