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Peperami launches $10,000 campaign for best creative idea to relaunch brand mascot The Animal

Breakout: The Animal has escaped, we're told

Peperami has launched a $10,000 competition for the best creative idea to relaunch its salami brand mascot ‘The Animal’.

In a campaign created by Unilever in association with crowd-sourcing ideas platform Ideas Bounty, the brand released a public service announcement alerting people to the well-known mascot’s escape from the “maximum security Salami Asylum for the Meatily Deranged and Criminally Insane”.

The announcement goes on to quote from a note left in The Animal’s cell: “Oi you lot, after three years in captivity I’ve escaped – HAHAHAHA. Think you can find the juiciest way I can be devoured, dismembered or gobbled? Come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough!

“No vegetarians, preening footballers, referees or limp lettuces need apply.”

And so the brand is issuing an appeal to creatives around the globe to submit their best ideas on how to capture The Animal and the winning solution will be incorporated into the next Peperami TV and print campaign – along with a $10,000 prize.

A statement said: “Peperami is a brand that demands radical creative solutions and The Animal is a personality who can handle the craziest of creative concepts. The Animal’s second coming is upon us – rejoice meat lovers or retreat vegetarians! We look forward to seeing the Animal caught once again and in the most creative way and can’t wait to see what ideas the public have got for us.”

Creatives can enter the competition by registering at Ideas Bounty and the closing date for entries is 29 September.

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