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August 28, 2013 | 1 min read

Nicely macho ad for FilmFour +1. A rugged chap is out shooting clay pigeons - but the twist is that they're the film reels of 'guy' films like Das Boot. A thumping backing track plays as he misses his targets - the premise being that this needn't happen thanks to the catch-up channel. Wonder why they didn't choose any Jennifer Aniston flicks?

Agency: 4 Creative

Creative Director(s): Dan Chase

Creative Team: Barry Dyer

Film Prod Co: 4 Creative

Director: Barry Dyer

Producer: Catherine Wood

Dir of Photography: Matt Fox

Production Designer: James Thompson

Post-Prod House: Envy

VFX Producer / Supervisor: Marcus Dryden Editing House: The Quarry

Editor: Bruce Townend

Audio House: Rich Martin @ Envy

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