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Videology rolls out Descartes product to unify video planning and management for RTB and non-reserved media

Video advertising platform Videology has released a new product to unify video planning and management to help drive cross-platform efficiency for brand advertisers using real-time buying (RTB) reserved and non-reserved media.

The ‘Descartes’ product release will include a redesigned user interface offering a single cross-platform view and easy access to campaign information, RTB management through public and private exchanges and forecast metrics such as win-rate and gross-rating-points, based on maximum price.

Other features include the ability to forecast and optimise RTB bids against Nielsen or comScore demographic composition percentage, as well as an interactive reporting suite which offers campaign analysis, the ability to create customised lists across any buy exchange and the ability to create and export customised reports.

According to Scott Ferber, chairman and CEO of Videology, the platform will aim to help brand advertisers follow video consumption patterns.

“It’s imperative that advertising technology keeps pace with these changes,” he added. “By bridging planning and buying mechanisms of traditional media with those of digital, our platform allows brand advertisers to leverage the best of both to better achieve their desired results.”

VivaKi, the Publicis owned digital advertising agency and a long-time partner client of Videology, has been working on the development of the platform.

Danny Hopwood, head of platform EMEA for VivaKi, told The Drum that the platform was a welcome development in offering further controls for planning, forecasting and optimising campaigns and RTB.

“Watching and informing the platform’s development has led to an outcome where we can simultaneously run within the same campaign both guaranteed addressable buys and also pure real time bidded video inventory campaigns. The development of the guaranteed approach first was imperative for the plethora of publishers in the market not in a position to make use of RTB. Videology has done great work in "nailing" the hardest part of the video market,” he added.

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