By John Glenday | Reporter

July 2, 2013 | 2 min read has dusted off its BRIAN the Robot mascot for a third television outing, continuing his mission to save customers money.

The 30 second commercial sees the wheeled wonder at a secluded beauty spot before approaching a lone couple admiring the views.

The automated insurance salesperson then duly explains that he has run the drivers insurance details past his software and netted a £225 saving courtesy of

A chuffed BRIAN then misinterprets a popular catchphrase to utter: ‘Yay! Who is our Daddy!’

An integrated digital and social strategy will accompany this piece with further support coming courtesy of radio, press, outdoor, digital and PR.

Joby Russell, marketing director at, says: “We’re excited that BRIAN is taking another step on his mission to save people money and we hope that people will continue to engage with BRIAN on his adventures.The third BRIAN advert will further reflect BRIAN’s naïve personality in spite of his specialist knowledge and provide the audience with more of a chance to get to know BRIAN.”

“The advert finds BRIAN in a comprising situation, but this doesn’t put him off his stride in trying to save people money on their car insurance.”

“We have plenty more humorous situations to come that we hope people will engage with, through the strong following that we have managed to create across social media platforms.In the next few weeks you will be seeing BRIAN on more of his adventures as he continues to try and save people money!”