Advertising drains a quarter of mobile phone battery power

If you’ve ever been caught out by a flat battery on your mobile phone you now have a new culprit to blame, advertising.

Research conducted by Microsoft found that the energy required to receive and display advertising on mobile phones accounted for as much as 23 per cent of an apps total power needs and 65 per cent of an app’s communication energy.

The report based its findings on popular Android and Windows phones, finding that a typical app refreshes every 12-120 seconds forcing the phone to constantly ‘awaken’ its 3G radio connection.

Till Faida, co-founder and managing director of Adblock Plus, said: “The use of in-app advertising has enabled the production of free apps for many people’s enjoyment, but we have to consider the impact this is having on battery drain.

“Smartphones are advancing everyday; unfortunately their batteries are not developing as fast. Many consumers are blaming their phone for poor battery performance when it is the advertising that is at fault.”

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