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Infographic: Shoppers spend three times more on Mother’s Day than Father’s Day

Mother’s Day fuels consumer spending up to three times higher than Father’s Day, according to a global shopping trends infographic released today by Rakuten.

Rakuten found that while the official dates for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day across the globe may vary, one thing remains constant, shoppers’ spend an average of 75 per cent more on their mums than dads.

In the UK 30 million cards are sent on Mother’s Day compared to seven million on Father’s Day, while 46 per cent of Brits will send a Facebook or text message instead of a card on Mother’s Day

“Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are significant seasonal events in the shopping calendar across all channels. However, with online sales ramping up year-on-year, retailers need to take advantage of the potential profit made for major gifting holidays, from inspiring shoppers through innovative and highly engaging campaigns alongside dedicated gifting sections onsite, through to guaranteeing next day delivery for those last minute purchases,” said Adam Stewart, marketing director at Rakuten’s

The infograph also compared spending habits in the UK with the rest of the world, finding that UK sons and daughters spend £30 compared to £112 in Brazil.

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