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“Storytelling and storyyelling must evolve to be about storyscaping and storyliving” SapientNitro’s Nigel Vaz explains vision behind IEX event

Titanic and Aliens director James Cameron, chef Heston Bloomenthal, fashion designer Vivienne Westwood and the co-author of Freakonomics Steven Levitt will be keynote speakers at global digital agency SapientNitro's IEX event in London next week.

The Ideas Exchange (IE) event has been the brainchild of Sapient’s senior vice president and managing director of Europe, Nigel Vaz for some time, with the aim of bringing together a unique set of storytellers to discuss how they are using technology within their field of expertise - Storytelling in a Connected World.

“The power in everything that we’re trying to create through the digital and traditional communications space and through building experiences all starts and ends with the narrative of a brand so the real genesis of this was that we were trying to define how you develop and create stories in worlds that users can live in, which we call storyscapes,” explained Vaz.

He continued to explained that in order to achieve this, they planned to invite different people who were on “some kind of flow or journey” and having them discuss their techniques and visions.

“The original idea of storyscaping was about how to deliver never ending narratives in a way that consumers can actually engage with through communications, through interactions, through consuming the product.”

Discussing how to drive home the theme and how it related to storytelling and narrative drove Sapient to approach the keynote speakers, who Vaz describes as “people who had fundamentally redefined how they told stories through different mediums” and who were “non-conventional thinkers who broke the mould.”

Asked what the conference would convey to its attendees, Vaz explained that it would be “an understanding that the world of storytelling, which evolved to storyyelling in a contemporary sense, it has got to evolve to be about storyscaping and story living, which is an ever present story that is all about being, doing and saying in synchronicity with the context of a brand.”

He concluded by explaining that he hoped the event would show the agency as being one which aimed to push boundaries. “Our ethos is ‘if you don’t imagine, you can’t see the future.’ This whole notion of doing things incrementally and chipping away is leading to, particularly in the UK and Europe, us being held back by the archetypes that we want them to be as opposed to the world we are moving to. While everyone is talking about it, they aren’t necessarily doing it – so this is our shot of putting something out there and striving to meet that in everything we do.”

SapientNitro IEX is due to take place Wednesday 29 May.

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