reveals almost half of all Brits are confused by the Kardashians as it sets out to answer our conundrums

Nearly half of all Brits (41 per cent) are confused by the obsession with the Kardashians according to research from price comparison website

As part of a new campaign has set out to clarify confusing situations by releasing a series of humorous videos answering questions such as; What is a meme?, Is it possible to overdose on bananas?, Why is yawning contagious?, and Where does belly button fluff come from?

As well as addressing these issues, is also inviting social media users to pose their confusing situations on Twitter, using the hashtag #ConfusedDotCom. On Wednesday 15 May the eccentric scientist, star of’s video answers, will reply to the questions posed via Twitter with a series of reactive videos over the course of the day.

Head of content at, Sharon Flaherty, commented: “People appear to be confused by many scenarios; and, as our research shows, the Kardashians are at the top of the list.By creating a series of videos we hope to provide people with explanations to some of life’s big mysteries. As our video shows, everyday oddities such as belly button fluff can be explained in a fashion that’s both scientific and comedic.”

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