Viral Video Chart: Evian babies dance their way to the top of the chart for a second week

For a second week in a row, the Evian dancing babies have scooped the top position in the Viral Video Chart, having garnered an extra 12 million views since last Thursday, up to over 42 million - as well as another 28,000 shares.

The Evian babies hold onto the top spot

Kmart has dropped out of the top ten (it must be shipping itself at the news), while Durex is still hanging on in sixth position.

The new Windows phone ad, featuring a brawl at a wedding, is a new entry at number two, with almost 2.5 million views, while Beyoncé's ad for H&M comes in fourth with over a million views.

The charts are compiled with the Viral Ad Network and are based on the number of shares each video has received on social media over the last seven days.

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