News International to implement AdPoint to enable a centralised cross-platform ad booking system

By Angela Haggerty, Reporter

May 1, 2013 | 2 min read

News International is implementing Lineup's advertising booking platform AdPoint to simplify and centralise bookings across digital, print and tablet formats using one system.

Simplified: The new system will centralise cross-platform bookings

The media giant said the move was part of its plans to become "platform-agnostic", making advertising opportunities more flexible and less platform-specific and updating the current, more complex booking methods requiring use of multiple systems.

Steve Bottomley of News International said: "Platform agnosticism is at the heart of our new trading model and this implementation is the first step in making this approach a reality. Being able to book advertising space across channels via a single system will make a platform-neutral approach the default for our sales teams.

"Lineup is key to us giving advertisers the best opportunity to reach our readers wherever they are and however they read our products."

Director of advertising strategy at News International Commercial, Abba Newbery, added: "Implementing Lineup is key to our strategy of changing the way we trade. Delivering one audience requires major organisational and technological changes and Lineup is one part of delivering this across the organisation."

The web-based multichannel advertising system was developed by industry experts and was designed to provide a modern method of managing and driving ad sales in the increasingly cross-platform and digital climate.

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