By Noel Young, Correspondent

March 29, 2013 | 2 min read

With 8000 invitations going out this week to lucky contest winners to buy Google Glass (at $1500 a time) what is it really like wearing this amazing new Google device? Well, this video gives you an idea.

And a week ago, Science Inc. partner Peter Pham got to try out Google Glass in San Francisco . He described to Adweek what it was like .

"They are the future," he told the magazine." One of the coolest, futuristic things I've ever touched. They were fairly light but not uncomfortable at all.

"I was in a pretty noisy environment. But I'd say, 'OK, Glass, take a picture. OK, Glass, find images of Game of Thrones.' And it worked. "

He said he didn't know know if it was going to be cool… "It's going to be like having your iPhone attached to your face all of the time."

He told Adweek what Google Glass could mean to advertising . "I think it's going to change the way advertisers target people in the physical world."

Pham said when the contest first came out, he didn't know if he wanted to spend $1,500.

"Now I am thinking about sending them an email to see if I can get on the list," he told Adweek.