Top 10 mobile trends of 2013 revealed


By John Glenday, Reporter

February 15, 2013 | 2 min read

As the Mobile World Congress rapidly hoves into view Forrester Research has published fresh analysis of the sector to identify the 10 key trends we ought all to be keeping an eye on.

‘2013 Mobile Trends for Marketers’ posits that mobile platforms will serve as a catalyst for connected experiences as smart apps come on stream which can be connected to products and CRM systems. The report also warns however that the growing complexity of such technology mean that the days cheap mobile are effectively over.

The top 2013 trends are:

1. Marketers will realize that mobile requires a total shift in their marketing approach.

2. Tablets will be the biggest short-term disruptors.

3. Mobile platforms will be the catalyst for next-generation connected experiences.

4. Sophisticated analytics wrapped around big data will power smart apps.

5. Mobile will play a leading role in efforts to engage consumers in emerging markets.

6. Mobile will require more formal organizations, processes, and governance.

7. Leading marketers will take back ownership of mobile from agencies and vendors.

8. The role of mobile marketing manager will emerge.

9. Finding the right strategic mix of staff will rise in importance.

10. Spending will increase especially to enable mobile services.

In addition Forrester also debunk some over-hyped mobile trends that are likely to prove to be a damp squib, in the short term at least, notably NFC and indoor positioning.

Forrester Analyst Thomas Husson commented: "The trends we’ve identified for 2013 center on multiyear plans and scaled-up investments. Mobile’s dynamics of immediacy and ubiquity will challenge the notion that mobile is immature. Innovators will overcome any concerns about maturity to make big, strategic investments in mobile to pull ahead of their competitors. Differentiating with mobile will require marketers to develop the multiyear visions required to drive real change in their business and their approach to implementing mobile services."


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