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By Jessica Davies, News Editor

January 14, 2013 | 2 min read

SkyCig is making its first foray into TV advertising with the launch of a campaign to promote its electric cigarette.

The one-month-long campaign kicks off tonight on Channel USA, and is aimed at encouraging the nation’s smokers to adopt the electric cigarette and in doing so reduce their reliance on regular smoking.

The ad, created by Povey Sindall Media, promotes a new product called SkyStart and forms part of the brand’s wider strategy to build a community of electric cigarette smokers.

SkyCig electric cigarettes are designed to simulate the act of smoking tobacco, without the 4,000 carcinogenic chemicals found in traditional cigarettes. They comprise nicotine alone and no tar, delivered in the form of water vapour, and are considered a healthier alternative to smoking.

SkyCig has a 30 per cent market share and added 175,000 UK customers to its customer base last year, claiming it replaced 130,000,000 cigarettes during the same period. It says an average SkyCig customer that smokes an average of 20 cigarettes a day can save £2,100 a year from adopting an electric cigarette.

The company claims it has grown 10 per cent month on month for the last 18 months and has a 30 per cent market share.


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