Bizarre McAfee ‘on the run’ blog taken offline

Anti-virus firm founder John McAfee, who has been evading police on the island of Belize for the past week, has set up a blog so followers can keep abreast of his adventures, - although at the time of writing it appears to have been taken offline.

In it McAfee claims to have enough material to keep going for ‘at least a year’ whilst also keeping the media abreast of his progress, notably through a stint on CNBC.

McAfee is wanted for questioning over the murder of his neighbour, Gregory Faull, who was shot dead on 11 November but rather than face justice he has apparently taken to the jungle through a number of disguises, claiming police harassment.

The bizarre blog makes a number of wild claims, amongst them that McAfee returned to his San Pedro residence during a police search of his property, donning a peasant hawker disguise and pretending to be a drunk German tourist.

In the post, dated, 19 November McAfee goes into some detail about his disguise, writing: "I stuffed a shaved down tampon deep into my right nostril and died the tip dark brown – giving my nose an awkward, lopsided, disgusting appearance.

Describing his experience as a drunk German tourist in swimming trunks, oversized Hawaiian shirt and a bandaged face, "yelling loudly at anyone who would listen, 'Leck mich um ausch!'", McAfee wrote: "At 67 years of age it was quite a spectacle."

Belize prime minister Dean Barrow has said he believes McAfee to be ‘bonkers’.

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