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Tesco to offer personalised website based on Clubcard data

Tesco is to harness the data it collects from Clubcard owners to tailor its website with specific items and deals.

The new system will take account of a customer’s average spend and purchasing habits, to flag up promotions of specific interest on its homepage.

It is intended that this recreate the personalised service that was once available on the High Street.

Tesco chief executive Phil Clarke explained: “We are turning Clubcard digital. We’re now making changes to our UK website to highlight promotions that are relevant to the customer who is browsing the site.

“Using Clubcard data, we would show, for example, offers of our everyday Value range to price sensitive customers, and offers of our Finest range to more upmarket customers.

“Some customers you would know by name. Others you’d know well enough to give a friendly smile and ask ‘how are you today?

“If you knew and understood each of your customers inside out, you could give them what they wanted.

“By doing that, you could earn the most important thing of all: customers’ loyalty. Loyal customers are the most precious asset any company can have.”

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