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Budweiser ad banned by ASA for ‘sexual success’ link


By The Drum Team | Editorial

April 11, 2012 | 2 min read

The ASA has banned a radio ad for Budweiser, after a complaint that it linked the drink to sexual success.

The ad included the lines “Tonight is free of expectation. Tonight you cannot be disappointed, it's just another night. That's why tonight could be the greatest night of your life. Because it's on nights like tonight that you end up at a party and you don't know a single person who's carrying you on their shoulders. It's on nights like tonight when you wanna bring your passport, just in case.

“Gentlemen, you were conceived on a night like tonight. So tonight, before going out for that ice cold Budweiser, you put in that extra two minutes in front of the mirror. Because you never know who you're going to meet ... So raise your bottles of Budweiser high in the air and make a toast to tonight. Now get out there, great times are waiting.”

Budweiser owner AB InBev waid that the ad drew on the spirit of anticipation, and that the character giving the speech was inspired by the typical American football coach popularised in many American films.

The RACC said the ad's message was about going out with a positive attitude rather than a message about going out and drinking or drinking being linked with sexual activity, sexual success, seduction or enhanced attractiveness.

The ASA decided the ad reflected a sense of anticipation ahead of an evening where alcohol would be drunk, and that the group was preparing to go out and get drunk, perhaps before meeting a sexual partner, and so banned the ad in its current form.

Budweiser Advertising Standards Authority Drum News

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