Don't call them ads, call them stories! Facebook's ploy to drive up revenue


By Noel Young | Correspondent

March 11, 2012 | 2 min read

Don't call them ads, call them "stories," That's one message Facebook is putting out as it tries to persuade companies to "double down" their

Wanted: more money from ads

investment in advertising and content.

In return they will be assured of reaching " a sizeable share" of the fan base they've been growing for years, reports AdAge.

The bold plan emerged at an event in New York last week.

There Facebook produced a handy playbook that suggested marketers create a position to "oversee social across the organization" (and report directly to the chief marketing officer) as well as a "pages team" dedicated to Facebook.

That's where the "stories for ads line" came in. The playbook suggested a terminology in which Facebook ads will no longer be "ads" but


AdAge comment; "Audacious, yes, but Facebook, now on its way to a public offering, has built incredible scale in engagement. In the U.S., it ranks No. 1 in

time spent and ad impressions and No. 2, to Google sites, in total internet visits. "

Raising the ad spend is seen as an issue for Facebook, under pressure to prove before the IPO that it can drive up its revenue in proportion to its audience.

The social network has also introduced a "Reach Generator" designed to take a piece of content and amplify its reach by resurfacing it as an ad. If you pay money, you are guaranteed your Posts get to at least 75% of your fans each month.

Bottom line: Large scale exposure on social will no longer be free.


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