LBi unveils Cost of Meeting App to discourage people from wasting time in pointless meetings


By The Drum Team | Editorial

March 7, 2012 | 1 min read

LBi has created an iPhone app named COMA (Cost of Meeting App) with the aim of discouraging people from 'wasting time in pointless meetings' by displaying a real-time tally of the cost.

Users type in the average hourly rate - in euros, pounds or dollars - of those in attendance and the number of attendees, and if the cost becomes too high a note appears on screen saying "If you are seeing this message, fire your project manager."

Chris Clarke, chief creative officer at LBi, said: “It’s frightening how much time we spend in meetings, the same is true of any business - the contention is of course that its often time wasted. Putting a value on this time is a real shocker, it will make you think twice before over-staffing a meeting or letting it drag on too far.”

The app, which is currently free, suggests a meeting of three mid-level creative directors would cost around £600 per hour in billable hours or £10 per minute.

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