Dulux celebrates ‘SuperBrand’ status


By John Glenday | Reporter

February 27, 2012 | 2 min read

Dulux paint, with a little help from their shaggy haired mascot, have been named as a top 10 SuperBrand by The Centre for Brand Analysis.

Celebrating their placing in the premier league of brands, Dulux staged an impromptu photoshoot in the Capital in which eight colourful models strutted across the Millenium Bridge with Dulux dogs in tow.

The accolade places Dulux within a select group of brands which include Apple, Rolex and Coca Cola.

Letty Edwards, UK Marketing Director of Dulux, said: "Dulux has been bringing colour to people's lives for over 50 years and holds a unique relationship with British consumers. The Superbrands ranking is an indicator of the huge amount of affection and trust people have for the brand - and we feel constantly proud to be helping our customers transform and improve their homes."

Top 10 Superbrands 2012:

1. Rolex

2. Coca-Cola

3. Google

4. Mercedes-Benz

5. BBC

6. BMW

7. Duracell®

8. Dulux

9. Jaguar

10. Royal Doulton

Mike Spicer, CEO of indepdendent marketing agency Pulse Group, commented on the Top 200 Super brands; "The fall of Apple from nine to eighteen in the Superbrands Expert Council top 200 brands list highlights the importance of brand longevity and trust. This is reflected in the success of Rolex, Google and Coca-Cola – brands that have earned their place in those upper echelons through years of consistent product and marketing quality. Rolex with their high-end image, Coca-Cola with their century long history and Google’s with their complete dominance of the online space since its inception in the nineties. Apple, however, are relative new-comers, with global success only truly blossoming in the past decade or so, and I believe this is a major reason for their sharp drop this year.

"This trend of reliance on familiarity could well be due to the low consumer confidence that is prevalent at the moment. Consumers are looking for reassurance in the products they buy, and so I’m not surprised that household names such as the BBC, Jaguar and Mercedes Benz have fared well this year," he added.


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