Sainsbury’s renames tiger bread as giraffe bread following social media response to Lily’s letter

Last year, three-and-a-half-year-old Lily Robinson asked Sainsbury’s why tiger bread was called tiger bread when it looks much more like a giraffe.

Customer manager Chris King replied to her letter, telling her he agreed and that the people who came up with the name were ‘a bit silly’.

The girl’s mother posted the letters on her blog, where they were picked up by Facebook and Twitter, with one particular Facebook post liked over 150,000 times and shared over 48,000 times. The popularity of the letter on social media channels led to the story being picked up by several media outlets.

Sky Living reporter Victoria Joy has even ‘proposed’ to King after seeing his letter.

Following this, Sainsbury’s has now decided to change the name of the bread to giraffe bread from today, and will see if this lead to an increase in popularity.

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