Survey finds social networks not yet influencing shopping habits


By John Glenday, Reporter

January 16, 2012 | 1 min read

A study of American consumers has found that social networking sites aren’t yet setting the pace for people’s shopping habits, despite their increasing dominance of day to day life.

Only 90 of 1,000 people quizzed by polling firm Baynote attested that their shopping habits were influenced by retailers Facebook pages or tweets with the overwhelming majority, 59%, buying directly from the retailer’s own website.

In what will be bad news for any retailer with a Facebook, Twitter or Google+ presence the survey found that a whopping 80% flatly ruled out any social media influence on their shopping habits by claiming that recommendations made via social networking sites had no bearing on what products they chose to purchase.

The survey also found that tablet devices are becoming the platform of choice for browsing goods online as consumers warm to the convenience and larger format screen as opposed to mobiles.

The vast majority of people however, 93%, simply used this as a means to conveniently browse available options before purchasing the item in person at a store.


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