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Murdoch's tweet of the day: Let's see if Soros is right about 'awful deflation'


By Noel Young, Correspondent

January 10, 2012 | 2 min read

Rupert Murdoch's tweets of the day focus on the financial and the political , with his following @rupertmurdoch now up to 121,977:

Rupert Murdoch: keep your eye on Soros

* George Soros predicting awful deflation and trouble nearly everywhere. He knows this stuff. Let's see if he is right again.

* So Bill Daley has followed Rahm, as reported in the Journal few weeks ago ( and denied). What's going on, premature electioneering?

* Re complaints about my spelling! Problem is my pathetic typing. Sorry, if anyone really cares.

* Second thoughts! Content does remain king, but new tech will help improve much, especially education.

* Obama out to lunch! 90 per cent right on great issues of education and immigration. Bipartisan support mostly there. Why no leadership?

*Santorum right. America a big, good society capable of anything. Not libertarian!

* Consumer electronic show this week. Expect to see amazing new tech developments like last year. Will upend, improve delivery, not content


* Ron Paul Good point on racism, as well as great put down to snotty Stephanopolous. Sorry if spelling wrong!


* George Soros is not the puppet master. You are. You are ruining the world with the media you control, sociopath.

* Deflation, yes. Trouble, no. Economy can afford some air out of its tires.

* Soros is quite a philanphropist eh Ru? Gives something back to society, contributes. What about yourself? No? Ah well....


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