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December 28, 2011 | 2 min read

Aldi’s advert featuring a woman talking about her husband’s enjoyment of tea, and her own preference of Gin, has beaten Comparethemarket’s meerkats and Volkswagen’s Darth Vader boy to be named the most popular ad of 2011.

Neiesen’s annual list of the most popular adverts, saw McCann Erickson’s Aldi advert named at the top of the 10 most popular adverts of 2011.

Darren Moore, vice president for advertiser solutions at Nielsen, said: “This is the year that relatable characters – people like you and me – replaced celebrities in the list of most-liked ads. Sarah Roberts in the CompareTheMarket ad, Warren from Halifax in the Foster’s ad, and everyday people in the Aldi ads, are now the central characters in the TV ads we love the most.

“Even the meerkats have proved to be more resilient than celebrities this year. Having starred in last year’s no.1 liked ad, they’ve maintained a top-two place this year – proof that by regularly changing the narrative of their ads, brands can keep existing characters fresh and popular.

“The 2011 list also suggests that children (VW and John Lewis) and animals (CompareTheMarket, PG Tips, Dreamies) are triggering a more positive response for advertisers.

“Humour, too, is a big theme in this year’s list. Nine of the top 10 most-liked ads are funny or comedic in tone. Only the John Lewis ad, which instead uses pathos and an emotive pull, takes a different route to engage viewers.”

The complete list was made up of adverts for Aldi, comparethemarket, Volkswagen Passat, John Lewis, Walkers Crisps, Foster’s, Skittle Candy, Boots, Dreamies Cat Treats and PG Tips.


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