The Drum's favourite Christmas Cracker jokes from 1000heads


By The Drum Team, Editorial

December 16, 2011 | 2 min read

This week, digital agency 1000heads ran three days of Christmas Cracker joke writing with professional joke writers using suggestions made by Twitter users. The Drum chooses its 10 favourite jokes.

Dear @barbroandersen, sitting in front of a PC at Christmas is definitely not good for your elf.

Dear @Markguim, when 3 men in Bethlehem read the stars they were called wise. Nowadays people who read the stars are calld gullible!

Dear @Nicola_Burton, why can't you buy a member of N-dubz? Because you have tulisa! [to lease her - geddit!] :D

Dear @mobile_ed, why did Mary ride a Donkey to Bethlehem? It was quicker than flying Ryanair #customcracker

Dear @Aussie_Hair_UK, what does the Aussie Ken do when he doesn't like his dinner? Throws a shrimp at the Barbie! #customcracker

Dear @dagood, why did the hip hop artist get no Christmas presents? BECAUSE SANTA FORGOT ABOUT DRE!

Dear @chivacongelado, What do Mexicans sing at Christmas? --- "Olé in a manger!" ;D

Dear @eLiNaStRoDe, why does Shakira always trust long haired people from the 1960s? Bcos the hippies don't lie! #1000headsfavourite

Dear @justpearse, what is the web address extension for middle Earth? Dot orc. @LOTR

Dear @craighepburn, i love that traditional Scottish Xmas song 'Let it Snow' and that traditional Scottish summer song 'Let it Snow'

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