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Girl Geeks: The Drum's top 30 women in digital under 30


By The Drum Team, Editorial

October 12, 2011 | 35 min read

The Drum brings you 30 of the top women under the age of 30 working in digital marketing in the UK today.

Digital isn’t traditionally known as a female-friendly industry. Perhaps it’s the stereotypical view of digital as a stomping ground for the socially-awkward male; an industry of, dare-we-say-it, geeks. Perhaps, in an equally stereotyped view, women are considered, or consider themselves, too sociable for digital.Maybe then it’s the advent of social media that has brought more women into the industry. The tech side and the social side have merged to create digital marketing in its current form – a wide discipline which encourages women – and men – from a variety of backgrounds.Maybe it’s women’s adaptability, willingness to learn, proficiency in communication, which lend themselves to the fast moving world that is digital.Or maybe, simply, we should stop labelling and hypothesising about why there is now a new generation of women working in digital, and just focus on the success stories themselves.Here we showcase 30 women in digital under the age of 30. Whether new-starts or already established at a young age, we meet some of the top young talent to have chosen digital as their career.

Alexandra Lecoq

Date and place of birth: 26/03/1986 ParisJob Title: Social Media Account Manager Company: I Spy MarketingCareer to date: Masters in Marketing Communications from the University of the Arts. Started working in advertising through a few internships in my hometown, Paris (inc. Aegis Media). I joined I Spy’s search team in November 2009, a few months later I became a founding member of the social media team leading on Avon Cosmetics and Vauxhall accounts.What job did you want when you were young? I’ve always wanted to be a vet, but my dreams got crushed when I realised I needed to be an expert mathematician to take care of pets!What would you do if you didn’t work in the industry?: I would probably be working in a zoo organising chimpanzee tea partiesBiggest professional achievement: Growing the Avon social media account from 20,407 Facebook fans to 136,524 in the space of just 18 months as well as launching a host of Facebook and mobile apps for the brand. My ability to understand the brand’s values and key objectives and to combine it with my social media knowledge.Describe yourself in five words: passionate, dedicated, cheeky, tenacious, drivenBiggest female digital role model: I’ve always admired career driven women that manage to be fantastic mothers. If I had to pick one in the digital industry it will have to be Natalie Massenet, founder of Net-a-Porter for turning an idea nobody really believed in into a gigantic success.

Ali Turner

Date and place of birth: 29/10/1983 High Wycombe, BuckinghamshireJob Title: Freelance copywriter and social networkerCompany: Copy GirlCareer to date: Five years of emails, websites, tweets, DM packs, press ads, podcasts, TV commercials and much, much more!What job did you want when you were young? I wanted to be a writer – I handed in a 28-page story for my GCSEs coursework, they probably should have given me a word limit.What would you do if you didn’t work in the industry?: I would've tried to elbow my way into scriptwriting.Biggest professional achievement: Impressing Bupa so much that they doubled their budget and ran two concepts instead of one. Describe yourself in five words: Fun, quirky, social, creative, inquisitive Biggest female digital role model: Cheating a little bit, but Susan Hoffman. For me, the exciting thing about digital is integration. When you mix it with offline channels, you can reach every dusty corner of your target market. As Hoffman says, 'the two traditional and non-traditional worlds – I can't wait until they come together'

Amy Kean

Date and place of birth: 11 August 1981, born in Grays, Essex.Company: Havas MediaCareer to date: started out working in social policy because following a sociology degree I thought I wanted to 'do good' in the world... I then realised that I was too shallow for that and embarked upon a career in PR, marketing and social media starting at the Internet Advertising Bureau, before joining Havas Media to provide central social media strategy and thought-leadership for their creative and media agencies in the UK.What job did you want when you were young?: for a very long time I was convinced that I wanted to be a blue Peter presenter, particularly when I discovered that the audition involved interviewing someone whilst jumping on a trampoline. I then thought I wanted to be in a girl band (let's just say that if the X Factor had been around when I was younger my career could have turned out very differently. Maybe.)What would you do if you didn't work in the industry?: I'd probably have gone back to studying... at university I was obsessed with the sociology of celebrity culture and the internet, and apparently you can get paid for researching this thing all day. That's probably my dream job.Biggest professional achievement: securing the whole front page of the Metro for an IAB conference that had Bill Gates as the keynote speaker was a pretty special achievement. Aside from that, definitely all the landmark research I've led that's helped the industry make sense of social media, including partnerships with ISBA on the challenges for brands in social, and consumer studies in social customer service and social commerce.Describe yourself in five words: Relentlessly enthusiastic, often dressed inappropriately.Biggest female digital role model: Britney Spears. About three years ago she hired a digital manager and started using Facebook, Twitter, blogging and mobile to totally turn around her online reputation after the 'meltdown'. She used each platform for what it's good for to present a perfect picture of the 'new Britney' and let her fans feel like she was heading back to normality. A lesson for us all that digital is an amazing way to boost even the most seemingly irreparable of brands.

Anissa Jade Assoul

Date and place of birth: 20/03/1985 LondonJob Title: Senior Yield Manager UK and FRCompany: Rubicon ProjectCareer to date: Joined in 2008 working as UK Publisher Services Delivery Manager where I was pricing inventory buys and maximising the UK network revenue whilst maintaining margin. I was promoted to Head of European Publisher Services Delivery where I managed a team of three and established buying strategies for each of the markets. In 2010, I moved over to the Rubicon Project into Publisher Yield Management for the UK and FR Markets. I’m increasingly focussed on arming publishers with actionable real time bidding analysis and insight whilst encouraging them to develop a real time bidding strategy to compliment their premium sales.What job did you want when you were young? An Astrophysicist.What would you do if you didn’t work in the industry?: Work on projects getting kids interested in Science.Biggest professional achievement: Establishing an in-depth understanding of the remnant display landscape and ascertaining myself as trusted source of knowledge for high calibre publishers wanting to maximise revenue.Describe yourself in five words: Conscientious, Passionate, Determined, Geeky, Analytical.Biggest female digital role model: Sheryl Sandberg

Eleanor Worley

Date and place of birth: 07/05/1982, LondonJob Title: Digital Project ManagerCompany: The Good AgencyCareer to date: After 3 years within the account management team of Crown Business Communications, I moved on to a digital project management role at SAS Design where for two years I worked on large corporate communications and branding projects. I decided then it was time to 'do good' for the world and use my skills within a charity but after a brief spell at The Prostate Cancer Charity the lure of the agency world was too much to resist. Happily, I found the perfect solution - an agency that does good - The Good Agency.What would you do if you didn’t work in the industry? I’d love to be a travel writerBiggest professional achievement: Working with talented teams on several award winning online campaigns for financial and commercial clients. And now landing a job at The Good Agency where I hope to do it again for causes that matter!Describe yourself in five words: conscientious, friendly, enthusiastic, focused, determinedBiggest female digital role model: Martha Lane Fox

Ella Romanos

Date and place of birth: 17/10/83 RugbyJob Title: Managing DirectorCompany: RemodeCareer to date: My background is in programming, I graduated with 1st class honours from Digital Art & Technology BSc in 2008 and moved straight to Remode, an interactive production and game development studio, where I'm co-owner and Managing Director, responsible primarily for business development and strategy.What job did you want when you were young? I honestly never knew what I wanted to do, although I was always into creative things like art and music as well as computers and maths, so in hindsight my career choice makes perfect sense! What would you do if you didn’t work in the industry?: I grew up in Africa and have always been interested in economic development, so something around that which linked to technology - I would always want to work with technology no matter what industry I was in.Biggest professional achievement: I guess the thing I'm most proud of is growing Remode to where we are now, having come straight out of Uni. Doing a TEDx talk was great too!Describe yourself in five words: Determined, excitable, quick learner, (slightly) obsessive! Oh, and I'm very clumsy too...Biggest female digital role model: It would have to be Ada Lovelace, seeing as she is considered the first ever programmer.

Emily Walters

Date and place of birth: 25/09/82 EdinburghJob Title: Company DirectorCompany: EWMultimedia Ltd Career to date: After some invaluable time working with Working Title Films and Leopard Films in London I started EWMultimedia in December 2006 (6 months after leaving university), its now been a whirlwind 5 years of supporting and working with a variety of amazing clients of varying sizes, from the NHS, Scottish Police Federation, St Andrews University, and more recently brands such as Coca-Cola's Relentless Energy drink, Tetra Pak, RBS, Edinburgh Airport and Arsenal Football Club. What job did you want when you were young? My father has his own business, so it always appealed to me too, as it seemed exciting and ever changing.What would you do if you didn’t work in the industry? If I'd had the talent, I'd had loved to be a downhill skier.Biggest professional achievement: Competing with national and sometimes global firms, and still getting the deal.Describe yourself in five words: Determined, always on the go!Biggest female digital role model: Martha Lane Fox

Felicity Bingham

Date and place of birth: Birmingham, 06/09/81Job Title: Digital Account DirectorCompany: RBHCareer to date 9 years in the industry, 2 agencies, RBH, then Golley Slater then back to RBH. What job did you want when you were young?: Paediatric nurseWhat would you do if you didn’t work in the industry?: Own a FloristBiggest professional achievement: Being part of both Bullring Birmingham & Highcross Leicester launches.Describe yourself in five words: All about the soft sellBiggest female digital role model: Arianna Huffington

Georgia Rakusen

Date and place of birth: 12/03/1985 LeedsJob Title: Account ManagerCompany: Screenreach InteractiveCareer to date: I used to be a project manager specialising in live events in the creative and cultural sectors, and ran my own consultancy called Haus Projects - we managed festivals and conferences with a digital focus.What job did you want when you were young?: Be an archaeologistWhat would you do if you didn’t work in the industry?: I'd be running a distillery in the HighlandsBiggest professional achievement: Setting up my own consultancy at the age of 24, and working on some exciting international accounts. I learned so much about the digital sector, making me really well placed to move onto managing ambitious global accounts with ScreenreachDescribe yourself in five words: proactive, enthusiastic, empathetic, level-headed, competitive! OR A proactive and creative multi-tasker [not sure whether you wanted 5 individual words, or a 5-word sentence]Biggest female digital role model: I've been blessed to have met and worked with many influential women in digital, but my rather unusual choice for role model is Dr Tara Shears, the particle physicist, whose use of the digital sphere has helped bring the scientific theory behind the Big Bang to the masses

Gillian Ripley

Date and place of birth: 17/09/82 Salford, Greater ManchesterJob Title: Digital Account ManagerCompany: Extreme CreationsCareer to date: Digital manager for all shapes and sizes, from holiday advertising production, to websites for tile groutWhat job did you want when you were young? A chef. I've plagued everyone with culinary disasters from an early ageWhat would you do if you didn’t work in the industry?: Hospitality Management. I love being on my feet and I really care about people's happinessBiggest professional achievement: I single-handedly opened the Manchester branch of a publishing firm in 2007Describe yourself in five words: Expectant Mum and Twitter fanaticBiggest female digital role model: Karen Webber, the Assistant Head of News Feeds at Adfero. A fantastic working mum with a passion for delivering great content and attention-to-detail.

Hayley McCool-Smith

Date and place of birth: 10/09/1985 LiverpoolJob Title: Online and TV Social Media ProducerCompany: Princess ProductionsCareer to date: 2005 – present. After junior roles in TV and radio, I had a digital epiphany, enrolled on a multi-platform training scheme, which eventually led to my current role with T4 18 months ago.What job did you want when you were young? I used to change my mind all the time but these were the most popular: a spy, but for the other side - the KGB (unsure why), an archaeologist or a magazine columnist. I think this is the closest I will get to the last option. What would you do if you didn’t work in the industry? Be a full time traveller. One of those annoying types you meet when you’re on holiday who have been on a sabbatical for the last 38 years, usually funded by some type of pyramid scheme based in the Cayman Islands.Biggest professional achievement: I have spearheaded the social media presence so that our numbers are now up by 600% across twitter, facebook and youtube from when I first started. Building on the success of T4 digital projects we are currently developing a digital department that sits across the whole of Princess Productions. The aim is to develop and expand digital ideas for current productions (Channel 4’s T4, BBC’s Something For The Weekend and Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff), as well developing new and innovative content ideas for broadcasters, brands and record labels that harness online, social media and traditional television. Watch this space, it’s very exciting. Describe yourself in five words: Happy. Competitive. Inquisitive. Northern.DreamerBiggest female digital role model: Dina Kaplan, one of the co founders of Blip TV. Whilst the company is not that well known in the UK, Blip TV have provided independent producers with this amazing platform to distribute and monetise their content. They have also provided the public with choice. Choice is one of the single most important things that has, and will, revolutionise the television industry. She totally understands the importance of allowing content producers to retain intellectual property and I like the fact that she speaks passionately about the need for more women to become developers and to start companies. Which I couldn’t agree with more.

Heather Healy

Date and place of birth: 11/05/87 LeedsJob Title: Head of Social Media Company: StickyeyesCareer to date: Started out as Communication Support for Deaf people with additional needs, fell into online content writing and combined my love of helping people to communicate properly with the wonderful digital world by developing a Social Media offering at Brilliant Media and Stickyeyes. What job did you want when you were young? I wanted to be the voice of a Disney characterWhat would you do if you didn’t work in the industry?: Be a wedding singer; I funded my way through University by singing at wedding ceremonies. Biggest professional achievement: Landing the first Foursquare check-in at the North Pole and winning an Econsultancy award for the campaign. Describe yourself in five words: Old Soul in Young BootsBiggest female digital role model: Mari Smith or Lady Gaga

Hollie Miller

Date and place of birth: 14/2/1985 PaisleyJob Title: Digital EditorCompany: Folio14: An Online Compendium Of Digital Creative Talent in Scotland Career to date: Starting as an in-house copywriter, I moved to freelance writing before creating Folio14- I manage this alongside my work at The Marketing Café; one of the UK’s leading creative agencies.What job did you want when you were young? Hollie Miller girl reporter always had a great ring to it- failing that a long distance HGV driver.What would you do if you didn’t work in the industry?: I would love to be a floristBiggest professional achievement: Reaching Folio14’s first birthday. With such a positive response and a directory of over 100 members, we proved that this idea was worth putting into action.Describe yourself in five words: definitely-not-a-thumb-twiddlerBiggest female digital role model: By opening the door, Andrea Gardner of Purplefeather not only gave me my first writing job, but introduced me to the ‘shoe that fits’ and a career I cherish.

Jane Whitehead

Date and place of birth: 31/08/1987 Sutton Coldfield, BirminghamJob Title: Social Media ManagerCompany: Rave CommunicationsCareer to date: After completing a placement at Rave while I was at University they couldn’t keep me away so I returned on graduation to focus on social media.What job did you want when you were young?: I wanted to be Mary Poppins! My parents would often find me dressed up as her!What would you do if you didn’t work in the industry?: I think I would be a wildlife vet in Australia.Biggest professional achievement: Seeing my passion for social media get taken on board by Rave and developed into a highly successful part of the business, as well as business adopted by previously sceptical clients into their core marketing strategies.Describe yourself in five words: Enthusiastic, Smiley, Conscientious, Misjudged and Neighbours-obsessedBiggest female digital role model: I admire Jenn Van Grove, senior reporter at the fantastic Mashable. She not only publishes really informative digital posts but fun ones too. Plus she’s vegan!

Jemima Garthwaite

Date and place of birth: 31/01/84 LondonJob Title: Social Media Lead Company: POKECareer to date: Once an architect and a photographer, now a creative and a geek. With my penchant for the interwebs, I learnt my internet ABCs in SEO prior to heading up social media for Groupon. I'm now leading the social media team at creative company, POKE, buzzing about in a great role that spans from the technical to the creative - I'm absolutely loving it, and I get to play with chicks!What job did you want when you were young? Marine Biologist.What would you do if you didn’t work in the industry: I like to imagine myself in a drafty studio making real physical things.Biggest professional achievement: Probably the good fortune of having nominated myself in a marketing meeting when someone asked 'does anyone know what this twitter thing is all about?'.Describe yourself in five words: Unicorn bustin' terminal velocity chaserBiggest female digital role model: Tamar Weinberg had it sorted early on. She's a proper geek, appeals to my SEO/Social Media split, and continues to be humble despite global recognition and success.

Lyndsey Best

Date and place of birth: 27/6/1982 KentJob Title: Company DirectorCompany: agenda21Career to date: Against advice from recruitment consultants went straight into a digital-only role at MediaCom from Bournemouth University, over my time there I worked across most clients in the digital team and spent a year focussing on new business. I joined agenda21 in 2007 and have been a part of the senior management team and now am a member of the board helping the company grow from 6 employees to 45 during this time.What job did you want when you were young? I wanted to work in Iceland because I liked their tills and wanted to be able to press all the buttons!What would you do if you didn’t work in the industry?: Open a karaoke bar in my hometown as everywhere needs a bit of bad singing Biggest professional achievement: being a key part of growing agenda21 into NMA Top 20 independent digital agencies in the UK in just a few yearsDescribe yourself in five words: competitive, decisive, honest, smiley, 'country'Biggest female digital role model: I don't have a digital role model but Carrie Hindmarsh is my professional role model.

Michaela Laubscher

Date and place of birth: 5/8/86 Born in London but grew up in Ashford, KentJob Title: DirectorCompany: Fuelled by Social Alchemy LimitedCareer to date: Began in-house marketing for jelly London/Three Blind Mice in 2007; moved to Leeds in Feb 2010 started freelance social marketing; established Limited company April 2011 specialising in digital content and community management for SMEs.What job did you want when you were young? Wanted to work in the music industry as either a promoter or a band/tour manager. I was incredibly passionate for a while!What would you do if you didn’t work in the industry? Travel photographer, without a doubt. I would love to see and report the world with my photographs.Biggest professional achievement: Establishing FBSA with the strong support I have from my clients; they fuel my word of mouth referrals and I’m proud that I’m at a stage where people trust and respect the hard work that I put into managing their accounts.Describe yourself in five words: Curious, Expressive, Chatty, Driven, RealisticBiggest female digital role model: Haha... um, probably someone like Lady Gaga; from my perspective of digital content and community, she ticks all the boxes – cross-media, creativity, inspiration, honesty, and a good ‘personal’ online relationship with her followers.

Nicola Peate

Date and place of birth: 14/03/88 Chester Job Title: Social Media ManagerCompany: RippleffectCareer to date: After 3 years tidying up html and making banner ads I worked my way up to web editor for Newsquest Cheshire/Merseyside, I then moved to Keep Britain Tidy to manage their website and social media before becoming Social Media Manager at McCann Manchester and recently moving to Rippleffect in Liverpool.What job did you want when you were young? I desperately wanted to be a journalist but then work experience at the Warrington Guardian when I was 16 landed me in the digital media department and I never left. What would you do if you didn’t work in the industry?: Having worked in digital since I was 17 I really can't imagine doing anything else now and social media is my real passion. My favourite part of my job is researching my clients and analysing their audience to advise the best approach for them in social media and coming up with creative ideas so I imagine I would be in another type of marketing role - or maybe I would have become a journalist!Biggest professional achievement: Winning the Golden Twit award for Keep Britain Tidy. Having built Keep Britain Tidy's social media campaign from nothing I was hugely proud to win this award. The social media activity has a clear impact on the work that Keep Britain Tidy does and I learnt so much about what social media can achieve so it was very rewarding to see this recognised. We also managed to secure Kirstie Allsopp as our celebrity ambassador through a targeted campaign on Twitter which raised the profile of the organisation massively and meant that one of the lovliest ladies on twitter was regularly tweeting about litter!Describe yourself in five words: Passionate, focused, chatty, realistic, opinionated Biggest female digital role model: I am now lucky enough to be working with my biggest female digital role model , Kirstie Buchanan. I met Kirstie as a client and I was always impressed with her results driven attitiude and how she would always be thinking of the next step for clients. Now I work with her I can see that this applies to every client she works with. What makes Kirstie inspirational for me is that she has achieved her success through her passion and talent. She hasn't adopted the aggressive traits that are stereotypical for women in the industry and is keen to see other females succeed. As a manager I make sure that her traits are mirrored in my own management style.

Nikki Wilkinson

Date and place of birth: 18th January- born ManchesterJob Title: Account ManagerCompany: CaratCareer to date: Started in digital at a creative agency Dare then moved to Media starting at I Level moving to M2M and now at CaratWhat job did you want when you were young: Football commentator or Football journalist- there was a massive theme thereWhat would you do if you didn’t work in the industry: do a job involving lots of travelling Biggest professional achievement: Being a founder member of DAWN (Digital and Womens network) which strives to create a forum, where women in the digital media industry can network and share ideas, career opportunities, mentor others and debate whether you can truly have it all no matter what level you are or what discipline you come from. It’s a place for agency, client and site side to connect and share. Describe yourself in five words: Curious, Positive, friendly, geeky, spontaneous Biggest female digital role model: Helen Calcraft (Dare) and Emma Wilson (Harvest MD)

Nina Harvey

Date and place of birth: 11/08/1985 LondonJob Title: EMEA Sales ManagerCompany: the Rubicon ProjectCareer to date: I joined Publisher Services in 2007 as an Account Executive and worked my way up the ranks to take over the video network and build a mobile product offering early 2008. After working for a year on video and mobile I moved into display account management before leaving AOL to join Rubicon in March 2010. After working as EMEA publisher Account Manager at Rubicon for 18 months I have now transitioned over to developing new business relationships as EMEA Sales Manager at Rubicon. What job did you want when you were young?: Professional Show JumperWhat would you do if you didn’t work in the industry: Own a riding schoolBiggest professional achievement: Consolidating and growing Rubicon’s UK market share. Developing strong relationships and in-depth understanding of Rubicon’s premium publishers, entrenching our position as thought leaders within the industry while delivering tangible results and increasing revenues by over 400% YoY.Describe yourself in five words: Competitive, Driven, Conscientious, Outgoing and DedicatedBiggest female digital role model: Arianna Huffington

Rebecca Rae

Date and place of birth: 04/07/85 MerseysideJob Title: Social Media Architect Company: PushONCareer to date: Varied. Print, product, online, events, producer, coordinator, avionics engineer, lecturer and marketer, but mostly just lurking in the internet.What job did you want when you were young? CosmonautWhat would you do if you didn’t work in the industry? I’d be a joinerBiggest professional achievement: Writing and delivering a module for the Design Futures course at The University of Salford only 2 years after my own graduationDescribe yourself in five words: Semi aggressive instigator. Social agitator.Biggest female digital role model: Barbara Gordon

Ruth Leach

Date and place of birth: 04/02/1984 WatfordJob Title: PR Manager – Social MediaCompany: DebenhamsCareer to date: PR degree, starting out in sports and film PR and events, 3 ½ years at The Carphone Warehouse looking after consumer PR introducing social media to the company before moving to Debenhams, bringing social media in house and championing it internallyWhat job did you want when you were young: Astronaut What would you do if you didn’t work in the industry: Travel photographer Biggest professional achievement: Being taken on by Debenhams to run entire social media practise Describe yourself in five words: Dedicated, passionate, risk-taker, GeekBiggest female digital role model: Arianna Huffington and blogger Poppy Dinsey – recognising the niche of her blog and taking it to the next level

Sarah Athey

Date and place of birth: 12/09/1985 GatesheadJob Title: Marketing ManagerCompany: Screenreach InteractiveCareer to date: Started out as an Online Content Editor for Conker Media and ITV before moving into more PR and marketing based roles for Codeworks and Screenreach. What job did you want when you were young?: I wanted to be a journalistWhat would you do if you didn’t work in the industry? I’d run a tea room and bake cakes for a livingBiggest professional achievement? Taking a leap into the start-up world by joining Screenreach and embracing the complete change in culture, team work and attitude. Describe yourself in five words: determined, inquisitive, fun, competitive and untidy.Biggest female digital role model: Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook. Her TED talk is hugely inspirational, every woman show watch it and follow her advice to “always sit at the table!”

Sophie Forge

Date and place of birth: 06/12/1983 BristolJob Title: Senior Account ManagerCompany: Brilliant MediaCareer to date: My career started and has progressed at Brilliant; I started as a digital grad in November 2008What job did you want when you were young? Pilot, Journalist, MidwifeWhat would you do if you didn’t work in the industry: I would probably work in the advice or education sector – but not as a teacher!Biggest professional achievement: Setting up a digital team in the Brilliant Birmingham office and growing digital billings during tough economic times

Stacey Cavanagh

Date and place of birth: 26th March 1985, OldhamJob Title: Digital Marketing ManagerCompany: TecmarkCareer to date: I began my career freelance copywriting then took an entry level Internet Marketing Role with Tecmark in October 2009 before being promoted within the same agency to the role of Digital Marketing Manager in November 2010.What job did you want when you were young? My 'serious' choice was to do something with languages (maybe with a view to living somewhere sunny!) but I harboured secret ambitions of being a screenwriter!What would you do if you didn’t work in the industry: I would probably pursue a creative writing career of some sortBiggest professional achievement: I always get the biggest kick out of good results so, for me, it has been being involved (along with the team at Tecmark!) with the Internet Marketing campaign which has and continues to achieve phenomenal SEO results.Describe yourself in five words: Competitive, ambitious, sociable, geeky, articulate.Biggest female digital role model: I heard Liana Evans speak at SES London 2011 and have since followed her avidly online. I absolutely love her approach to social media marketing.

Stephanie Lindsay

Date and place of birth: 01/04/82 GlasgowJob Title: Digital Marketing SpecialistCompany: Dog DigitalCareer to date: Started in advertising straight after University (literally 2 weeks later!) and initially worked as a Planning Executive working on traditional media accounts, I’ve been working within digital for 6 years, having joined Dog just over a year ago, and now focus on the planning and implementation of all digital marketing routes ensuring these are complimentary & successful in the overall marketing mix.What job did you want when you were young? I wanted to work at Smash Hits interviewing the stars of the day including my lifelong crush Chesney Hawkes!!What would you do if you didn’t work in the industry: I think with my wardrobe I’d be a fantastic kids TV presenter!Biggest professional achievement: I am particularly proud of my work with NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde which, due to being amazing award-winning creative, allowed for fantastic niche online targeting. The somewhat risqué campaign raised awareness of safe sex in the homosexual community and resulted in record-breaking CTRs and fantastic feedback from both audience and client.Describe yourself in five words: Organised, Colourful, Enthusiastic, Jargon-Free, Celeb-JunkieBiggest female digital role model: I unfortunately don’t feel like there is enough, and rather than wheeling out a name that will no doubt have already been mentioned, I’d like to hope that my biggest female digital role model is still to come.

Suzanne Fairbairn

Date and place of birth: 18/10/87 Uddingston Job Title: Digital Account Manager Company: The BIG Partnership Career to date: I have always worked within the digital / social media arm of marketing communications since graduating from Strathclyde Business School. I have over 4 years account and project management experience within agency environments working on high-profile consumer campaigns for Highland Spring, Fraser Hart and The Famous Grouse. What job did you want when you were young? Entrepreneur What would you do if you didn’t work in the industry: I would be involved in the marketing field one way or another - perhaps within more of a traditional media role or customer relationship management Biggest professional achievement: Being self-employed for the first 18 months after graduating Describe yourself in five words: Determined, Ambitious, Positive, Reliable, PassionateBiggest female digital role model: Gini Dietrich (Twitter: @GiniDietrich)

Vicky Parry

Date and place of birth: 17/06/85 - CardiffJob Title: Editorial DirectorCompany: One&Other CICCareer to date: Historian with a Journalistic background, arrived at Editing via high end fashion editorial.What job did you want to do when you were young? A paleontologistWhat would you do if you didn’t work in the industry? Write historical fictionBiggest professional achievement?: Rallying such a high caliber of creative professionals around the basic concept behind One&Other and seeing it become a beautiful realityDescribe yourself in five words?: passionate, motivated, intense, artistic, realisticBiggest female digital role model: Katie Grand

Victoria Willis

Date and place of birth: 31/12/1981 Johannesburg South AfricaJob Title: Head of Campaigns UKCompany: goviral/AOLCareer to date: I have 7 years’ experience working in online for companies ranging from entertainment publishing and top tier charities to blue-chip technology companies. Over these years I have gained experience in ad operations, publishing, analytics, search, mobile, video and social media activation. My management scope includes teams operating across multiple markets as well as strong client service management. What job did you want when you were young? To care for injured wildlife (I lived in the middle of no-where!)What would you do if you didn’t work in the industry? Run a bookshopBiggest professional achievement: Everyday, one step at a time - jumping from theatre into online analytics which started my journey in onlineDescribe yourself in five words: loyal, resourceful, fair, unremitting, calmBiggest female digital role model: Tania Escudero - Client Services & Support Group Manager at Microsoft Advertising and my ex-mananger at Atlas Solutions

Zoe Macerlean

Date and place of birth: 14/2/1985 MaidenheadJob Title: Social media managerCompany: TescoCareer to date: Fashion management and then into digitalWhat job did you want when you were young: An actress What would you do if you didn’t work in the industry: I would be back in fashionBiggest professional achievement: I'm incredibly proud of the Customer Service team and all the hard work they have done to be able to support customers through social media. Describe yourself in five words: Not very good at interviewsBiggest female digital role model: Sheryl Sandberg


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