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Helen Mirren lends moral support to Russell Brand over ‘Sachsgate’

Helen Mirren supports Brand

Oscar winning actress Helen Mirren has spoken of her affection for comedian Russell Brand, describing the lanky lothario as having a “great heart,” in an interview with the Radio Times.

Recalling the ‘Sachsgate’ affair which saw Brand quit Radio 2 in late 2008 following a media furore Mirren said: “It really made me cross because that's what comedians are for and that's what makes them so valuable to us. Sometimes they step over the line but if they didn't do that they wouldn't be of the value that they are.

“[Brand's] brain is fast and brilliant and I hate it when they try to pull these people down. Being naughty – and it was schoolboy kind of behaviour – is one thing but there came a point where it was 'OK, can we please move on?

Mirren co-starred with Brand in a recent reworking of the film Arthur - which was panned by critics.

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