Cash-strapped Wikileaks auctions off memorabilia

A series of items loosely associated with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange are being put up for auction as the cash strapped whistleblowing site seeks to raise revenue.

Wikileaks auction

They include a satchet of prison regulation coffee, A memento from Assange’s stay at Wormwood Scrubs at Her Majesty’s pleasure, and a laptop once used by the blonde Australian.

Puttaive biders might want to stick with the Nescafe for now however, bids for the coffee are being invited from £200 and the laptop bids start from $6,000.

Other tat up for disposal includes an ‘exclusive’ signed photograph of the man himself which could be the possession of anyone with a $1,000 or more to burn.

The auction follows the closure of more orthodox funding mechanisms for the site as the US government applied pressure to firms such as Paypal to cease trading with the organisation.

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