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Cell Drinks escapes censure from The Portman Group

The Portman Group has ruled that ready-to-drink vodka range, Cell Drinks, has not broken its code.

The Independent Complaints Panel for The Portman Group ruled that the vodka, which provoked a complaint that its foil pouches looked like a popular range of soft juice drinks, does not aim to appeal to children.

The panel said that the design of the drinks made it clear that the product contained alcohol and that it was unlikely to appeal to under 18s.

Another variant of the range , named ‘Reverb’, also claimed to have ‘high caffeine content’, provoked the complaint that it claimed t enhance mental or physical capabilities upon consumption. This was also ruled by the panel as being ‘innocuous’, and it was also ruled that it did not suggest physical or mental enhancement.

David Poley, chief executive of the Portman Group, said: “Pouch-style packaging is still relatively new to the alcoholic drinks market and companies need to be extremely careful in their design and marketing to make sure products are clearly recognisable as containing alcohol and do not appeal to children. Cell Drinks showed the Independent Complaints Panel that they had sought advice from us and had worked hard to ensure the packaging was compliant with the Code. If alcohol companies are in any doubt we urge them to contact the Portman Group at the earliest concept stages to seek advice on responsible alcohol marketing.”

No action will be required from the company as a result.